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Search Engine Optimization

Higher rank in website ranking

More effective the SEO strategy, the higher are the chances of your website to appear on the first page generating more hits.

Stand out amongst the crowd

Make your website stand out amongst millions of websites with the same goals as yours.

Lower the marketing cost, increase the profits

Invest the money in an effective SEO strategy, cut down the advertisement costs, and generate more profits with organic hits.

Better ROI and higher conversion rate

Convert your organic clicks to sales leads rather than spending money on advertisements, thus leading you a higher ROI.

Search Engine Optimization, which is referred to SEO, is an indirect approach to increase the wavelength of the visitors visiting your website by following organic methods, that is completely unpaid, and natural hits on your website through the search results displayed across various search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.Thus, SEO involves playing with the coding of your website to get relevant and organic results. We believe that content is king, but it needs to be constantly filtered keeping in mind the added competition and the increasing amount of plagiarism. Thus, to reach out to the highest rank, several aspects such as on-page optimization, of-page optimization, local SEO etc are to be taken care of. With more than 9 years into the optimization market, Wan BUffer surely knows how to get you to the top without putting on much of your money into the paid advertisements.

Why Wan Buffer?

Wan Buffer considers every project as an upcoming opportunity to expand itself as a digital marketer and loves to experiment to generate higher leads. With an experience of almost a decade, we stand in the market today with added chances to add more credibility to your business, which differentiates us from the others and puts us in a different league. We provide customized SEO services keeping in mind your business needs and requirements, generating higher ROI. Whether you are an upcoming business or a master of your industry we have services for all that fits your budget and works according to your needs.

Do you wish to see yourself on the first page of the search engine? Get in touch with us today and let Wan Buffer take care of the rest!


“We were looking for a company to monitor our facebook and linkedin marketing and keep adding promotional contents on the website. One fine day, we came to know about Wan Buffer, and it has been five years now.”

“The best part about working with Wan Buffer is that they let me customize my SMM plan. I wanted my company to hold a strong presence across all the platforms,other than Instagram and Twitter, and they made it possible for me and charged me accordingly.”

“When you are a leading brand yourself, you need someone of the same caliber to keep up with your reputation.That is where I find Wan Buffer to be the right choice for me.”