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Social Media Marketing


Develop engaging posts across various channels and generate leads for your website. More than 30% of the posts are capable to get direct sales, according to the survey.


The ultimate intention of SMM is to generate sales, however, the more creative the posts are,the higher the chances of your company turning into a brand. That’s what social media marketing is all about.


Getting a million views on your video for once might not be a tough job, but keeping them intrigued to your future videos is what your end goal is supposed to be. Thus, assure your content according to the latest trends in an important aspect.


Keep your audience update with meaningful, content-driven posts that develop a strong virtual presence to appeal to your targeted audience.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing or SMM is the utilizing different social media platforms to increase a brand awareness and attract more users to your channels. Thus, a social marketer dresses your brand and presents it in an interactive manner. Keeping your business in mind, social media marketing is done in the following two ways:

(1) To develop content that is engaging for your targeted audience and would lead up to an instant liking for them. Such kind of marketing is of high importance for networking and build up an effective relationship.

(2) Paid advertising: Wanbuffer also offers social media optimization services to generate leads through paid advertisements.

Why choose Wan Buffer?

With a team of young, enthusiastic people, Wan Buffer takes every measure to help you develop a strong social media presence by developing innovative social media marketing campaigns. With Wan Buffer as your social media partners, you can expect the following measures from our end:

  • Build a profile that is apt for your business.
  • Upload engaging content and attractive photos to your social media page on timely intervals.
  • Make consistent efforts to develop a strong and positive image of your brand by keeping an eye on the customer engagement and participation according to the feedback received from your customers.
  • Include a social media advertising part as a part of your marketing plan.
  • Develop a strong bond with your customers and help them understand your brand value.

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“We were looking for a company to monitor our facebook and linkedin marketing and keep adding promotional contents on the website. One fine day, we came to know about Wan Buffer, and it has been five years now.”

“The best part about working with Wan Buffer is that they let me customize my SMM plan. I wanted my company to hold a strong presence across all the platforms,other than Instagram and Twitter, and they made it possible for me and charged me accordingly.”

“When you are a leading brand yourself, you need someone of the same caliber to keep up with your reputation.That is where I find Wan Buffer to be the right choice for me.”