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Body goals is a fitness application which helps the user to be successful in their fitness journey; where the user can watch free and paid videos for different categories to reach their fitness goals.

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The product met the expectation and requirement of the client which allows standingout in the market from the competition.

Following were the key benefits that we as a contractor successfully provided to the client.

Out solution fulfilled client exact requirement. The client was extremely satisfied with quality of the product & over all services of Wanbuffer.

The application gets more users as expected as the application is easy to follow workouts & the exercise can be done at home as it is designed to be completed with none of minimal equipment.

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Our solution included the following features:

Key Challenges:

Body goals is an application for health and fitness. It helps all types of user either they are already into fitness or if they are complete beginner.Body goals guides through it all; which includes free, paid, popular videos with different types of categories and sub categories like Biceps, Morning warm-up, Shoulder etc..The app also includes challenges to take plus extra content that includes bonus video for warm-ups, stretching, tips, and more.