An ecommerce app for new as well as old products

Opal is a multi-language e-commerce platform for shopping lovers who can make purchase of new or used original high-end luxury accessories as well as sale new and used accessories using easy online payment gateway.

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Following were the key benefits that we as a contractor successfully provided to the client.

The application specially developed to make purchase and sale of original luxury new and user accessories. The goal was archived by Wanbuffer to provide the client the platform which satisfies the requirement and expectation of the client.

The delivered product’s quality and features allows the client to get more user registration to buy and sale their new and used product using the application.

Performance of the team; over all services; quality and delivery of the products satisfy the client.

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What We Did...

Our solution included the following features:

Key Challenges:

Opal is an e-commerce platform for the shopping lovers who can buy luxury accessories through the application with online payment gateway across Qatar. Opal application also allows the user to sale their accessories by using Opal application.