13 Straightforward Tips for eCommerce Email Marketing to Boost Your Sales.

It’s challenging to run an online business. Additionally, developing the deep connections you need to expand may be hard without an email marketing strategy for eCommerce customers.

Thankfully, you are not required to think ofeCommerceemail ideas on your own. We’ll outline 13 eCommerce email marketing best practices in this article to assist you in connecting with new clients and converting lapsed clients into raving followers.

Continue reading if you want to learn how email marketing can help you generate eCommerce sales and keep them increasing.

1. Begin with a series of welcome emails.

New subscribers to your eCommerce email anticipate hearing from you when they sign up. They enrolled for that reason.

New subscribers are most receptive to communication shortly after they subscribe because they are expecting an email from you at that time.

A welcome email series of at least three emails is advised so that potential subscribers can get to know you before joining your regular mailing list. By doing so, you can brag a little, establish expectations for your relationship, and perhaps even categorize them to make future discussions with them even more effective.

Do customers actually care? Of course!

Welcome emails earn up to 320% more income per email than other promotional emails on average and have an open rate that is 86% higher than other emails.

Here is an illustration of a text-only Copy Hackers welcome email (click to enlarge):

Here’s another example from Moosejaw (click to enlarge), which may not work well for eCommerce firms with more visual products like fashion or beauty:

To automate this procedure, create a welcome email series in your email marketing service provider (ESP).

We advise Constant Contact as an ESP if you don’t already have one. Constant Contact is user-friendly for beginners, offers first-rate customer service, and is capable of handling even the most difficult tasks. similar to the welcome email autoresponder that you should put up.

2. Utilize personalization to reach various market segments.

You might be attempting to reach more than one target demographic. It’s normal for a good or service to appeal to more than one group of people in society.

But what if you are aware that a single message won’t be sufficient to reach your complete audience? Personalization can help with it.

Personalization may significantly increase click-through rates, open rates, and engagement while lowering bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, and spam complaints. If you aren’t already segmenting your list and personalizing your emails, you should start doing so right away.

Keep your subscribers happy by sending emails with content that is specific to each audience segment. Happy subscribers are more likely to make purchases.

How can you include this into your eCommerce email marketing plan, then?

Starting with the basic demographic categories of age, income, education, and perhaps gender identity if it is important for the goods or services you are giving, you could segment your list.

But that’s only the top of the iceberg. While demographics provide you with information about your subscribers that is simple to find, psychographics delve further into topics like their values, personality, and hobbies.

All of this combined gives you a thorough understanding of your subscriber and how best to reach out to them.

In Constant Contact, you can quickly segment your subscribers based on their contact information, behavior, Shopify activity, click patterns, and email lists they choose to subscribe to.

3. Provide loyal customers with exclusive discounts.

A loyalty program will keep your most devoted consumers coming back to your shop time and time again.

The lifeblood of your business, repeat clients are what will keep it afloat and propel it forward. And establishing a unique loyalty club for your top performers is one of the quickest and simplest ways to develop a devoted and loyal following.

There are so many options for doing this. Some eCommerce newsletters advertise themselves as the loyalty club; all you have to do to join is sign up.

However, in our opinion, it ought to be a little more unique for your most loyal consumers. You can locate the ideal target segments by combining your eCommerce solution and email marketing service.

For instance, connecting Constant to BigCommerce will display the following segments:

Look at the segment for recurring customers. Aren’t they ideal for a loyalty program?

With the help of that segment, you could quickly send an email to only your regular clients, letting them know how special they are and strengthening your ties with them while enticing them with special deals.

4. Distribute marketing-related emails to all subscribers.

Don’t overlook the conventional promotional deals that will draw in your other subscribers while also giving your VIPs some VIPerks.

Holiday and seasonally themed sales email marketing campaigns are a terrific method to draw readers in who haven’t converted from window shoppers to buyers yet.

Simply consider the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze as well as the holiday shopping that takes place in November and December.

Only those two months make for 25% of the whole annual retail sales. And around 20% of that is attributable to email marketing. That amounts to more than $138 billion in USD!

Start taking advantage of scheduled sales if you haven’t already. To get you started, you can download our marketing calendar for 2020.

Here is an illustration of a Rumpl advertising email (click to enlarge):

With BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce, you can set up the coupon code to immediately apply to the basket and make it incredibly simple for subscribers to make purchases.

It should be simple to add the link in your email service provider. This is how it appears in Constant Contact when Shopify is used.

5. Create Responsive, Well-Designed Emails.

All emails sent from your eCommerce firm, including welcome emails, promotional emails, and transactional emails, must be responsive and well-designed.

This does not imply that every email must contain graphics and animated gifs. In fact, when they’re intriguing, text-only emails do admirably.

This does imply, however, that your emails must:

    • Have a pleasing appearance

Yes, you can accomplish this with images, but you can also break up text and make your emails easier to read with non-image formatting, such headers and bullets.

    • Appear Well on Mobile

There’s a good chance that the responsive templates used by your email service provider will change according to the size of the screen. To make sure everything appears as you want it to, you can preview or test-send an email using Constant Contact.

    • Being understandable

It’s better to concentrate on just one call to action every email, so make a plan right now!

    • Draw the Reader’s Attention

Don’t ever undervalue the impact of your words. Make sure your email copy starts with a hook and draws the reader in further as you proceed.

Remember that you can upsell and cross-sell in your emails as well! This works well for transactional emails in particular.

6. Examine Your Email Marketing Programs.

For the email marketing initiatives of former U.S. President Barack Obama, email split testing made a difference of $2.2 million.

When we say that if you aren’t split testing, you’re leaving money on the table, we are not joking.

If you’re not aware with split testing, it simply entails comparing your email’s original version to a copy that has one element changed, such as the call-to-action, subject line, a portion of the design, or parts of the language.

With the touch of a button in Constant Contact, you can quickly test your email subject lines.

7. Send a series of abandoned cart emails.

More than 75% of customers will leave their carts empty. Just the facts, please. However, it does not follow that those sales were lost forever.

Sending an abandoned cart email series when customers leave without finishing their purchases is the next natural step if you’re gathering email addresses and monitoring site traffic.

Again, to achieve the best results, make use of Constant Contact’s email marketing automation tools and integration with your online store.

See for yourself how simple it is to develop a successful abandoned cart strategy.

8. Increase Email List Size.

Your subscriber list will shrink by roughly 22% yearly. That implies that it’s crucial to continually adding new subscribers and expand your email list.

Your website’s sidebar, headers, footers, and other areas are all great places to include options in order to expand your email list.

You can also gather leads, though, in other locations.

Recruit Clients During Checkout.

When customers are paying for their purchases and are feeling good about their choice, you should invite them to subscribe. This shows that they respect your products.

You may do this easy thanks to the plugins that many email marketing services have for eCommerce platforms.

Within transactional emails, request signups.

We quickly noted that upsells and cross-sells are excellent places to be included in transactional emails, but you should also give customers a means to keep in touch with your company.

9. Request reviews from motivated clients.

We have discussed social proof, so we’ll do it again. This time, we’re focusing on reviews, a particular type of social proof.

You should feel comfortable approaching engaged customers and asking for reviews once they are making purchases from your store and opening your emails.

10. Create an affiliate program.

One of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ is word-of-mouth advertising, which is a type of social proof. A referral program is a great addition to your marketing arsenal because of this.

With a referral program, leads coming to your eCommerce firm do so because of social evidence from a reliable source in their personal network.

You can understand how effective this kind of approach may be when you realize that 92% of people prefer peer recommendations to advertisements.

11. Send Alerts for Items on Your Wishlist or Back in Stock.

It’s a terrific idea to allow customers to sign up to be notified when an item is back in stock if it’s out of stock. Or, if you allow customers to create wish lists, set up an email autoresponder to send them updates on those products from time to time.

Consumers prefer to be continuously informed about the things they truly desire. Additionally, it’s a fantastic approach to maintain their interest in your email marketing campaigns.

Don’t forget to ask them whether they want to opt into your email newsletter after you have their email address!

12. Automated eCommerce Email Marketing for Lead Follow-Up.

The best thing you can do to make your email marketing scalable and consistent without sacrificing connections is to use eCommerce email marketing automation.

In Constant Contact or your preferred email service provider, you can build up automated email campaigns to automatically carry out clever tasks like:

  • Send new subscribers a series of welcome emails.
  • Customers who abandoned their checkout should receive emails about their abandoned carts.
  • Notify clients when an item they browsed or put in their shopping cart becomes affordable
  • Ask inactive subscribers if they still want to be on your list if they haven’t interacted with it in a while.
  • Celebrate your subscribers’ birthdays or anniversaries by sending them emails.
  • publicize occasions or seminars
  • share material

All of this without sacrificing the personalization that is crucial to establishing and deepening relationships.

13. Track Your Results.

You must continuously review and tweak your programs if you want the best outcomes from your email marketing.

An email marketing plan for eCommerce has many moving parts and numerous metrics to monitor. To discover everything, you need to know about keeping your list healthy and increasing the ROI of your efforts, check out our guide, How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Email Campaigns.

You have it now! The greatesteCommerce email marketingadvice to maximize customer relationships and increase sales.

See our guide to eCommerce optimization, have a look at these eCommerce best practices and consult our guide to eCommerce business plans for more suggestions on how to increase your online sales. And don’t forget to look at these eCommerce data that will aid in the development of a profitable online store.

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