A Complete Guide to Odoo CRM's Key Features

When it comes to enterprise applications, Odoo is regarded as a full suite that covers a variety of areas, including sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM), website management,accounts management, and evenwarehouse management. The nice thing about Odoo CRM is that it manages your current and potential customers efficiently and without bothering the users. From one central location, you can easily check your leads and opportunities and arrange them according to various managers and departments.

Business partners’ workloads are reduced with the aid ofOdoo CRM, and they have access to categorized and organized data.

Odoo CRM combines more than eight different modules and applications. When compared to its rivals, including Salesforce, ZOHO, and others, Odoo CRM stands out the most due to its cutting-edge features and functionality. Online payments, shipper integration, pricing lists, invoicing, and other functions are included in Odoo. It includes Next Action, Pipeline Management, Drag and Drop Management, etc. in Zoho. Let’s talk about some of Odoo CRM’s top features right away.

Promotion of Leads

A salesperson can be simply assigned by an administrator in the Odoo CRM to particular leads for follow-ups and email follow-ups. This enables users to understand their leads in light of sales objectives. Leads can be advanced based on their age and level of development.

Examine a missed opportunity

Every missed chance teaches us something. However, Odoo virtually eliminates the danger of missing an opportunity. The finest feature of Odoo CRM is that it explains why you missed an opportunity so you can get ready for new ones.

Enrichment of Lead

Businesses often face lead overload and miss capturing them all. Odoo’s lead enrichment tool provides additional data that the sales team can use to effectively pursue those leads. Even if you only have the lead’s email address, Odoo will automatically update it and search for more information from an external database!

Simple Communications

With the help of Odoo CRM, you can easily communicate with your clients through email, phone, chat, and even social media.

Automated Work and Sales Focus

The aim of Odoo CRM is to give you an edge over your sales data. To gain an advantage over your sales prospects, it’s easy to automate your daily tasks and business operations. In addition to managing your customer data, Odoo CRM also allows you to track your sales.

GeoIP Detection

With Odoo CRM, users can quickly identify the visitor’s IP address, enabling them to divide leads into geographically distinct groups.

Modern Dashboard

The dashboard for Odoo CRM is user-friendly and organized. The user doesn’t have to switch between many tabs to get the information they need. The enhanced Odoo Dashboard allows users to view both past and current opportunities without having to scroll.

Meeting Planner

Users can easily schedule the meetings from the opportunities section. Users are given a clear picture of the time and place of the meetings so they can make appropriate plans.

Odoo CRM System Users

Odoo CRM has multiple system users, including sales, customer management, and purchase management as the three default user modules. The manager has full access to both the sales and purchasing modules, while the user is the only owner of the chosen documents. The manager or admin can grant the user authorization to access several documents.

The user who owns all documents may be a team leader or someone who manages multiple users and takes possession of all the documents at once.


Odoo CRM is considered one of the top CRMs due to its many features and advantages in sales and lead generation. Users can easily grow a lead according to their needs and obtain the best opportunity once it’s ready to move. In terms of functionality and multidimensional approaches, Odoo CRM offers a competitive advantage over other CRMs.

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