CRM and Sales with Odoo 14

CRMand sales management are regarded as crucial components of a firm when it comes to these topics. An organization’s core values are appealing sales and marketing strategies and top-notch customer support. Organizations can manage sales and CRM patterns with the highest sincerity with the aid of Odoo. The finest part about Odoo is its multipurpose approach, and firms use this approach to seamlessly and functionally meet their sales and CRM-related objectives.

Odoo CRM

Odoo CRMis regarded as one of the best and self-sufficient customer relationship management ERPs for automating chores linked to CRM, which promotes greater company growth. The structure of CRM is displayed in the sample below. New and competent people are displayed in the pipeline area. Leads can be quickly created or generated based on the user’s needs and sorted based on filters, groups, and preferences.

The Odoo CRM Dashboard displays the number of leads and opportunities, which aids the sales team in identifying potential customers moving forward. Prospects and leads can be moved and placed in different stages based on their state. Color coordination enables the user to choose the winning percentage that may be offered for every opportunity.

The user may see and organize the seamless approach with the help of many views, including calendar view, cohort view, dashboard view, Kanban view, graph view, and pivot view. The platform enables users to browse and retrieve reports in a categorized manner through various views. Users can produce reports according to the demands of the system. The CRM module has full capabilities for creating a contact form for potential customers. The user must go to the customer field and choose “create” in order to add a new customer; this can be done from the opportunity panel. The user will be taken immediately to the client form page where they can fill out the remaining fields and save the customer record. The creation window enables the user to quickly enter the customer’s information and save it for later use.

Contribution to Sales Module for Odoo 14

One of the best modules for every firm is sales. When the sales module is managed within the organization, revenues and profits are generated automatically. The newly created sales module in Odoo v14 offers the finest answer for all aspects of the sales activities needed to successfully run a firm. According to the customer’s requirements, the user of theOdoo ERPcan quickly develop sales quotations, which can then be sent to the customer through email. The Odoo 14 quotation template functionality enables users to save sales templates for later usage. Each sale may be allocated based on the customer’s chosen form of payment and applicable taxes. The graphic below depicts the development of a new sales quotation. The user can quickly choose the quotations in the sales module to customize a sales quotation.

The Odoo platform has a feature that allows you to add and manage the activities of many sales teams. The graphic below shows how the sales team’s information has been added to the business. The user can quickly view the quantity of estimates, invoices produced, earnings, and goods sold.

It goes much beyond the capabilities of the current systems in terms of reporting. The user can generate analytics reports in a variety of views with the aid of Odoo ERP. The user may simply group and sort the report using the many Odoo ERP characteristics. The ERP platform includes a list of several measurement factors from which the user may select to produce a wide range of financial and general sales reports.


As was already said,Odoo’s ERPandSales modulesare thought to be the best because they perfectly suit the needs of the user. With the release of Odoo 14 and its operational module, your industry’s operations will advance and become more accessible.

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