CRM Lead Enrichment for Odoo

Data about clients or customers must be collected for any business. To run a firm, the database needs to be kept current. Customer relationship management, or CRM, is the process of managing both past and future customer interactions in order to keep a good relationship with them. The procedure includes data processing, investigation, and prompt communication.

A powerful CRM has the power to significantly impact a company’s sales. Any company will be able to offer better service if it has a better understanding of the sector and its target market. Higher customer satisfaction results from this. A satisfied and happy customer base generates better sales, which improves the bottom line. You can benefit from a customer relationship management system (CRM) by having:

  • A centralized system for linking relationships across many networks.
  • Increased client satisfaction through effective communication.
  • More focused marketing to prospective clients.
  • Customized marketing initiatives.
  • Synchronization of customer service.

You can manage your customer and client pipeline with unmatched performance thanks toOdoo CRM Lead Enrichment. It offers not only data upkeep and management but also improvement of consumer contact data. You can add information about people and businesses by using the enhance option in Odoo CRM. This will assist organizations in better understanding their clients’ needs, wants, and demands.

Leads are prospects who have the potential to do business with the company soon but have not yet been in touch. They are managed and rated based on how likely they are to become customers and bring in money for the organization. At several points along the customer engagement process, a potential customer or lead gets tagged in the CRM pipeline. According to their level of interest, the size of the company, and the projected budget for transactions, new connections can be categorized.

Strategic planning results in lead generation, and the creation of high-potential clients demands a concerted effort from the sales and marketing divisions. But lead generation is not enough, holding the leads is a never-ending task. Maintaining a real-time database can be overwhelming, and the time-consuming tasks of updating and prioritizing are in addition to maintenance.

Various sources, such as website visitors, direct contacts, subscribers to our websites, etc., may provide leads for us. In a CRM pipeline, these contacts are managed and organized for a quick overview and response. The manager or other person with access to the customer data can analyze the pipeline to evaluate the situation and take the necessary action. The practice of contacting various leads at the appropriate times to establish client relationships is frequently automated by competent CRM software.

When dealing with business-to-business interactions, the lead generated might just have the most fundamental information, like the company’s email address. Moving the relationship along might be challenging when there is so little information available. This is particularly useful when it comes to lead enrichment.

Lead Enrichment with Odoo CRM

The lead enrichment functionality of Odoo CRM stands out because it enables you to establish contacts based only on the email addresses you already have. This feature is very helpful in situations where you haven’t been able to learn enough about a person, like fairs and shows.

The enrichment of the contact base uses both lead mining and lead enrichment. There is also the option of partner autocomplete. All of these features need in-app purchases, and in order to access them, we must spend credit.

Lead Mining with Odoo CRM

It is possible to define fundamental standards for lead mining, such as size, nation, and industry. Odoo can help you create leads from scratch using these criteria. Your lead database may be expanded and new opportunities can be found by using lead mining. This is a practical strategy for growing your business. We are able to purchase credits and activate lead mining from the specifications of the CRM module. The cost of the feature is available here.

We can create lead mining requests to obtain company information depending on the filters we’ve defined once lead mining is enabled. The only condition for this, it should be noted, is that we must have purchased credit for the app. After that, we may click the “create lead” option on the CRM dashboard. Each inquiry will cost one credit with the lead generated. Additionally, choosing the contact’s contact details would cost another credit.

Lead Enrichment in Odoo CRM

Lead enrichment allows us to learn more about a customer based on the few information we have, such as their email address. Configuration can be used to enable lead enrichment, and we have two options: automatic or on-demand. Depending on our credit, we can choose between the two options. This feature enables us to insert the lead’s new email address, and the lead’s probability is updated as soon as the data is entered. The button in the window can then be used to further expand the lead. Choosing the enhance option deducts money from the credit card used to buy the contacts and updates the data by searching the Odoo database.

Partner Autocomplete Feature

The partner autocomplete feature makes it possible to add company information to contact details. The corporate data for the business is automatically updated when you make a company contact in the contracts. In the settings, this function can be enabled. By heading to the Odoo apps dashboard and choosing settings from the drop-down menu, we can change the contact settings. You can turn on partner autocomplete in this window. The system provides suggestions for potential matches as you are building contacts, and you can access the corporate details of the company by choosing from a list of available businesses. You can also use a VAT number instead of a company name for the partner to autocomplete.

With the help of these features, a useful contact database can be built, which will facilitate the collection of more prospective leads and improve sales.

CRM Lead Enrichment for Odoo

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