Everything You Need to Know About a Successful Migration to Odoo 16

Odoo ERP software is unique in its field thanks to a number of features. We have complete visibility, customization, information that is integrated across departments, and improved planning and reporting, to mention a few.

It is a distinctive business administration software solution for organizations of all sizes and types of thanks to these advantages and features. However, updating Odoo to the most recent version is crucial to keep up with the ongoing changes in client demands and technological trends.

It will keep you up to speed on all security updates, and you can take advantage of the new features to improve your workflow.

This migration guide for Odoo 16 will assist you in comprehending the best practices and advice you should follow for a smooth migration.

Important Things to Think About Before Migrating to Odoo 16

    1. How recent is the Odoo version you are using?

      What version of Odoo are you presently using? Update to the most recent version of Odoo if you are still using version 13 or anything older. You must upgrade to the most recent version before yours loses support because only the last three versions of Odoo are still supported by the community.

      Also, to be noted is the November release schedule for Odoo 17. It is anticipated that it will be revealed during the Odoo Experience event, which is planned for November 8–10, 2023.

    2. What are the dangers of moving to Odoo?

      The migration process entails a number of stages, including the migration of modules, apps, and data from Odoo. Additionally, if the process isn’t carried out effectively, each of these stages entails numerous risks. Among the frequently present dangers are:

      • not making an Odoo backup prior to transfer,
      • data breaches,
      • failed database access,
      • your processes are disrupted during a migration that has a high company downtime,
      • modules and applications incompatible with the newest release of Odoo,
      • the move caused more mistakes.

      For a company unit to operate effectively on a daily basis, they require an ERP system. However, these relocation problems could seriously hurt your company.

      Therefore, it is crucial to use the best experts’ Odoo Migration Services. They are qualified to assist with a smooth move to Odoo.

    3. Has your system been modified in any way?

      Many company units use Odoo ERP because it offers customization options for their unique business requirements. However, if you don’t discuss these particular modifications with the Odoo implementation team, the migration could ruin them. To ensure a secure migration procedure, you must let the partner know about specific requirements.

    4. Do you intend to upgrade from the Odoo community edition to the business edition?

      Did you use the business or community edition of Odoo? If you choose to upgrade from the community version to the enterprise version, you will have access to more tools. You must also take into account the associated expenses at the same time.

How to Migrate to Odoo 16?

These are some measures you must take regardless of whether you plan to migrate from Odoo 15 to 16 or from any earlier updates.

Data Movement

The safe and secure transfer of the current data in your ERP system is the focus of this migration step. You might already be utilizing an older edition of Odoo or another ERP program. These financial data, documents, customer/vendor information, migration reports, etc. must remain intact if you want to upgrade to a newer ERP.

With the migrated/updated Odoo version apps and platforms, such info ought to be configurable. Any database tables from previous versions that need to be used with the most recent ERP version should be mapped, imported, and modified.

Migration of Apps

The Odoo App Store has about 10,000 enterprise applications that can improve the efficiency of your business unit. There is a possibility that some of these applications will be essential to your company. You cannot substitute for those applications, even if you think about upgrading to the most recent ERP version. In contrast to your present version, they don’t operate as smoothly as the new one.

A skilled Odoo Migration Engineer could be very useful in such a situation. They will assist you in moving the apps safely, and they will modify the code to make sure the application functions correctly for your needs.

Module Transfer for Odoo

About 35 basic modules, including accounting, eCommerce, sales, HR, marketing, MRP, and others, are available in Odoo. Additionally, the Odoo 16 update has added unique features to these modules, just like every new change. Businesses can make use of the recently updated features by migrating the scripts for these modules from the current version to the newest Odoo 16 version. But if you want greater help with a step-by-step Odoo module migration, hire committed experts.

Creating an Odoo Migration Plan

The first and most important stage is this one. Analyze your existing data to determine how it should be organized after migration. It will give you a fundamental understanding of what your company requires and anticipates from this migration to the Odoo 16 ERP.


You must get your data ready for the migration process once you have a solid strategy in place. Making a backup of your customer data, app data, etc., for instance, will protect you from any migration errors. You might need to clean up your old data and get rid of duplicates or corrupted data before making a copy. You can’t lose all the sensitive customer data, so make sure you have a backup strategy in case the migration doesn’t go as planned.


The actual migration of the data, apps, and modules happens in this phase. The size and intricacy of your data will affect how long it takes to migrate. For a seamless experience, be sure to work with the finest Odoo development team when hiring their assistance.


The Odoo developers will test your system at this point to determine whether or not all of the data, applications, and modules have successfully migrated. This step is essential because it identifies any and all potential migration errors, data loss, etc. Additionally, it offers developers the ability to roll back updates or fix bugs for the best possible performance of your company apps.

Post-Migrational factors

You can determine that the software is ready for use once you have confirmed that the Odoo transfer went smoothly. You can start with basic tasks like updating entries and redirecting URLs from the old system to the new one.

Several Practical Odoo 16 Migration Advice

      • Make a summary of the data you need to migrate along with the justifications for each entry to distinguish between useful and useless data. Prior to the transfer, remove any redundant or corrupt data as it will only slow down the process.
      • You can determine the best migration strategies by estimating the amount of the data you need to migrate.
      • Before your system goes live with the migrated database, make sure your Odoo development partners test it fully.
      • If the database structure has changed, compare it to the updated database schema and make the necessary updates.
      • Test any new updates in the test environment part using Odoo’s Sandbox feature.
      • It’s important to keep in mind that the time required to upgrade to Odoo 16 will vary depending on your current Odoo version, degree of customization, the volume of data, and the modules that need to be migrated.
      • Employ the assistance of qualified Odoo associates for a smooth migration process.

How Do I Pick the Best Partner for My Odoo 16 Migration?

Having the correct ERP partner can enhance your migration experience even more, even though these Odoo 16 migration tips can be of great assistance. They will help you transition from any previous update to the most recent 16 edition.

However, where do you look for the top Odoo collaborator for your migration project?

Here are some advice that you might find useful.

Skills and Abilities

To discover the finest partner for your project’s implementation, be sure to interview Odoo developers. You can assess a person’s technological proficiency, communication skills, and willingness to work under your conditions. Your decision on the Open ERP partner to work with will become clearer if you keep your needs at the center.

Industry Knowledge

Ask an Odoo development firm about their collective experience and the sectors they have served. It will help you comprehend their prior experiences and how they overcame obstacles in your business.

Probability of Success

It goes without saying that your odds of making a successful migration are higher the higher the success rate. To learn more about the partner you select, look through their portfolio, evaluations, and testimonials.

Training & Assistance

The majority of development partners offer Odoo assistance and training, which is advantageous for your company. You will need to train both yourself and your staff to use Odoo once the migration has been successfully finished. And having this can make it much easier for you to get to know the app.

Official Supporter of Odoo

The best choice is to hire an official Odoo partner because they have received specialized training on the Odoo platform. They can also immediately escalate a number of Odoo issues and have access to enterprise source code.

Therefore, if you seek assistance from a Silver, Ready, or Gold partner, you will have access to more sophisticated tools.


There are many benefits to upgrading to Odoo 16 version, including new features, enhanced modules, security improvements, and more! The most important task here is to migrate to the most recent Odoo 16 version properly, even though it is obvious that doing so will assist you with the benefits.

You will benefit greatly from the advice provided here and the methods for selecting the best Odoo migration provider. Wan Buffer is here to help if you’re having trouble understanding how to upgrade Odoo to version 16 or if you need technical support.

We are a reputable Odoo Ready partner business with certified staff who can assist you in smoothly upgrading to the newest Odoo version. To begin, get in touch with us!

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