Exploring the Architecture and Technology Stack of Odoo 17

Odoo has long been a dominant force in the field of business management systems, and with the introduction of Odoo 17, its architecture and technology stack have reached entirely new levels. We’ll go deeply into Odoo 17’s complex design and strong technology stack in this blog post to elucidate the basis for its capabilities.

Decoding the Architecture of Odoo 17:

Odoo 17 is built on a modular design that consists of several interrelated components. Each module supports a particular business function, and Odoo stands out for its versatility and customizable flexibility.

The starting point:

  • Client-Server design: The client interfaces of Odoo’s client-server design are web-based, providing accessibility across platforms and devices.
  • Web server: The web server, which is frequently Nginx or Apache, serves as a point of entry for users to reach the application server for Odoo.
  • Application Server: The application server is where the main business logic is located. It deals with requests, communicates with the database, and oversees modules.
  • Database management: PostgreSQL is a strong open-source database that is a key component of Odoo. Information about users, setups, and company data are all stored there.

Major Modules:

  • Internet Resource: The website module, which is essential to Odoo’s online presence, enables companies to build beautiful web pages, blogs, e-commerce sites, and more.
  • Sales, Inventory, and CRM Modules: Modules for handling sales, inventory, and customer interactions are all included in the sales, inventory, and CRM suite of modules.
  • Accounting Module: This module simplifies accounting procedures, such as invoicing, expenditures, and reporting, to meet financial demands.

A look at the technology stack is as follows:

  • Python: Python is a powerful and understandable programming language that was extensively used in the development of Odoo.
  • JavaScript: To generate interactive and dynamic user interfaces, JavaScript is frequently utilised in frontend development.
  • XML: By utilising XML to specify the module views and forms, presentation and logic are clearly separated.
  • RPC Framework: To facilitate communication between the client and server, Odoo uses Remote Procedure Calls (RPC).
  • Odoo employs its own ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) to streamline database interactions and encapsulate data structures.

 technology stack

Scalability and Customization:

The architecture of Odoo 17 allows for simple modification because to its modular nature. To meet certain business requirements, developers might build new modules or expand existing ones. Additionally, this design is scalable, enabling firms to add modules as they expand.


In the realm of business management solutions, the architecture and technological foundation of Odoo 17 shine as the bedrock of its exceptional capabilities. Through the fusion of Python, JavaScript, and a robust database management system, Odoo 17’s modular architecture offers a gateway for companies to elevate productivity, streamline operations, and excel in a fast-paced corporate landscape. From crafting captivating websites to efficiently managing inventory and financial responsibilities, Odoo’s architecture serves as the canvas upon which success is painted.

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