Features and Advantages of the Odoo CRM Module

Maintaining positive customer relationships has become increasingly important for firms to survive in today’s cutthroat business environment. Every year, a number of businesses across all significant industries invest millions of dollars to enhance the consumer experience. While there are many strategies to win over customers, CRM software development is unquestionably at the top of the list.

In addition to enhancing your customer service, a good customer relationship management (CRM) tool can also assist you with lead management, analytics, sales, and marketing, among other comparable tasks. Additionally, it records every web contact and consumer touchpoint, allowing businesses to improve their marketing methods. Modern CRM systems track and analyze consumers’ likes, preferences, and purchasing patterns using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

One of the greatest open-source ERP systems on the market, Odoo has a completely customizable CRM module as well. Businesses of all sizes may effectively manage their current and potential clients thanks to Odoo CRM software development. It integrates eight or more apps and plugins to provide a complete CRM suite with an emphasis on enhancing customer service initiatives and optimizing sales processes with a minimum of complexity. The following plugins are included in the Odoo CRM module:

  1. Management of customer relationships
  2. Gamification of CRM
  3. Examine CRM
  4. Marketing Effort
  5. Distributors
  6. Cause of Problem
  7. A Contact Form
  8. A Request for Quotes

The Essential Elements of Odoo CRM Module

You may access a number of distinctive features through the development of Odoo CRM software, like sales intelligence, lead scoring, business reporting, and others. Let’s examine the most advantageous aspects of the Odoo CRM module and the advantages of Odoo CRM software creation.

Enhancing Sales Support

Odoo CRM offers a user-friendly sales dashboard that makes it simple to follow various actions across the sales pipeline. It automatically filters relevant prospects from your mailbox, and it offers drag-and-drop capabilities so you can easily manage your sales pipeline. Additionally, it only takes a few clicks to provide your customers with tailored quotations.

Lead Control

One of the essential features of the Odoo CRM system is lead management. From lead generation and monitoring to automatic follow-ups with clients and customers, it provides complete support for lead management.

  • Lead Nurturing: You can program automated lead campaigns to make sales pitches to potential clients depending on lead segments.
  • Lead Scoring: By allocating a lead score, it enables you to select the prospects that are most advantageous to your business.
  • Online Lead Acquisition: To help with online lead acquisition, Odoo CRM gives you access to up to 30 different marketing tools.
  • Geo IP: This feature enables you to track and categories incoming leads from various states, nations, cities, and geographic locations.

Customer Service Administration

You can manage normal client inquiries with the help of the Odoo CRM module and gain insightful knowledge about your customer data. It provides effective tools for determining the language, delivery options, and financial information of your consumers, as well as their likes, preferences, and purchasing patterns. To provide personalized consumer services, you can optimize your goods and services accordingly. The Odoo CRM module also provides an attractive and well-organized address book for managing your clients’ sales records. Quick access to sales invoices, past-due balances, and purchase histories for your clients is also available.

Analytics and Reporting

With Odoo CRM software development, you can track and monitor your dynamic business KPIs over a range of time intervals. You can monitor each team member’s hours worked and the daily, weekly, and monthly performance of your sales team. Odoo CRM provides access to a variety of analytics options, allowing you to track and monitor numerous sales activities in real-time. You will also receive sophisticated filtering and segmentation features for analyzing the pipeline of opportunities.

Integrating Easily

The Odoo CRM module integrates easily with your current business software and outside services. You can integrate it with your inventory module, SCM software, workforce management software, accounting software, and financial management tools for added convenience. The module can also be easily customized using a range of strong Odoo APIs.

Final Thoughts

Systems for managing client relationships based on ERP have become essential for businesses of all industries. For B2C businesses that rely on meeting their customers’ demands and expectations, it has become even more crucial. Gartner predicts that by 2021, CRM will account for the majority of spending on enterprise-specific software products. Now is the ideal time for startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses to consider funding CRM software development in 2021.

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