Features of Odoo CRM to handle clients for your business

Companies are frequently overtaken by chaos. It can be challenging to handle many of the procedures even if you are the most well-organized director or administrator on the planet because of the company’s many efforts sometimes exceeding the operational capabilities of your staff.

For instance, it is typical for the sales department to undergo significant adjustments while your business is experiencing rapid expansion. Since it involves more than just giving someone a product and then letting them forget about it, managing customers and contacts can be very difficult. Instead, it’s critical to track the sales cycle in order to assess the customer experience and identify potential future sales prospects. And you can accomplish all of this by putting Odoo CRM into practice.

What is Odoo and what modules does it provide?

To begin, let’s define what Odoo is: It is a collection of business software, usually referred to as ERP, that can be set up with various modules to enable the complete management of a firm, including all facets such as payroll, accounting, sales, and clients. With the aid of one or more Odoo software modules, it can be applied in businesses across all sectors.

One of the reasons businesses use Odoo is that it enables easy connection and has a module for every business need. Additionally, it is completely expandable and adaptable to any company’s structure. It has no infrastructure, and the company using it only pays for what it actually uses and requires.

The nicest thing about Odoo ERP is that it is a strong and useful platform for both tech-savvy users and those who are not; it doesn’t require programming skills because it has a user-friendly interface. Fields, displays, and processes may all be customized, allowing any team to easily become accustomed to the software.

The most advantageous features of Odoo CRM for businesses

The tools a sales team uses set them apart from weak and subpar ones. You must be aware of the advantages that the deployment of Odoo CRM provides to your sales operations and customer relationships if you do not want to fall into the second category.

Odoo CRM is a terrific tool for streamlining the sales process, automating processes, and providing the sales force with the most recent information about prospects and clients. Your staff members won’t ever have to spend hours looking through an endless list of contacts to find the details they require to complete a transaction. They won’t lose a sale either because a contact’s profile isn’t current.

  • Users of Odoo ERP can set up calls or meetings and tasks with only one click thanks to the CRM module.
  • Provides a summary of team meetings and actions, allowing for effective workflow coordination.
  • Even calling their clients is possible from the same Odoo software platform.
  • The sales representative for your firm can swiftly send emails to the potential client if he finds a business opportunity in Odoo CRM.
  • Keep a record of all conversations between the business and the client.

CRM integrations with Odoo

The fact that this Odoo module offers email integration, allowing you to send emails without leaving the site, is another of its most advantageous features. Users can make customer calls with VoIP integration without ever picking up their phone. As if that weren’t enough, your itinerary is synced with your phone and Odoo Calendar so you can stay organized at all times.

And in a world where mobile devices are increasingly in use, Odoo CRM’s potent mobile application allows it to be utilized on smartphones and tablets as well.

So, the only things the Odoo software provides are advantages and chances to grow your firm. As a matter of fact, it provides more than just a CRM application to manage its clientele; among the Odoo apps are ones for project management, timesheets, inventory management, accounting, and applications for marketing and billing automation.

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