How to Set Up the Odoo 15 WooCommerce Connector.

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress that enables you to effortlessly set up an online store and sell anything. If you utilize Odoo to manage both your WooCommerce store and your backend operations, then Odoo WooCommerce integration is a must. You can manage and integrate your WooCommerce shop with Odoo with the help of the Odoo WooCommerce Connector.

We may talk about integrating WooCommerce with Odoo in this blog.

Step 1: Install the WooCommerce connector app in step one.

Odoo WooCommerce Connector app link

Install the app after downloading it.

Step 2: Create a WooCommerce instance

To integrate WooCommerce with Odoo, we must first establish a WooCommerce instance. WooCommerce app opened in Odoo? as an example Create.

In the screenshot below, we can see some fields. You must enter the store URL, consumer key, consumer secret, username, and password when creating the instance. These credentials are necessary.

Step 3: Adding information to an instance

It can fill as seen in the figure below. If you enter the proper credentials, the currency field in the associated Ribbon and WooCommerce instance will immediately be filled with the appropriate currency.

Store URL:You can find the store URL in the WooCommerce settings.

API Key Generation: The API key must be created as shown below for the credentials, with the exception that the API must expressly be given Read/Write Permission.

API Key View:You can obtain keys similar to the one below by creating API Credentials.

Step 4: Carry out the action

You may view Created Instance in the overview menu. Here, we can do particular procedures based on circumstances.

When you select operation, a wizard similar to the one below will appear. Specific data can be imported and exported from here, and the Sync Details button is used to sync data from both instances.

By doing so, we may integrate WooCommerce withOdooand carry out the aforementioned actions.

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