How to Use Odoo CRM to Manage Your Customer Pipeline

The mantra of expansion for all institutions has always been acquiring more and more clients for their businesses. Additionally, they are in business to make money so that they may continue to serve clients and meet their financial needs while they try to achieve excellence. The company is able to draw in an increasing number of clients with the help of marketing and promotional initiatives. Following the advent of the digital age, marketing activities shifted to telemarketing and social media platforms, which had a stronger impact on clients and were more affordable options. Today, businesses all over the world run marketing and promotion campaigns in order to attract people to their establishments.

Additionally, the business may reach the clients to a greater level thanks to technologies like email marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing, and many other sophisticated ways. Online company is another type of commercial operation that has come to light over the past two decades. The companies were able to conduct product and service sales to a large extent with minimal cost thanks to the adoption of the eCommerce platform that supported their online businesses. However, regardless of the manner or form a firm uses to conduct its operations, if it cannot control its incoming clients and satisfy each one of them, its future is doomed. No matter what promotions, discounts, or marketing campaigns are carried out, an organization’s sales and profits won’t be on the rise if it can’t keep customers coming in, satisfy their needs, and follow up on each of them.

As a result, a customer relationship management tool’s importance is crucial, and picking the best option will be good for the company overall. Odoo, a well-known business management tool that falls under the category of enterprise and resource planning software, has a dedicated CRM module that will serve as the full customer relationship management solution required by any business by providing a dedicated approach to the management of the customer and effectively following them up. Additionally, the dedicated architecture of Odoo, which includes specialized operational modules that are all integrated into operating, will open the door for the comprehensive and efficient management of the entire business.

Customer Pipeline Management with Odoo CRM

The Odoo platform has a specialized major module called Odoo CRM that is available in both the Enterprise and Community editions and provides unwavering management and support functions for customer relationship management activities. Businesses seeking a dedicated company management solution with all the necessary operational capabilities should select Odoo.

Components of Managing Customer Pipeline using Odoo CRM

Business opportunities in Odoo are referred to as leads and can come from various sources such as retail stores, email marketing, SMS marketing, marketing and promotional campaigns, websites, and online stores. These opportunities can either be manually established in the Odoo CRM or automatically characterized. The Leads flow through the various phases of operations, giving access to a full menu where Customer Leads and Opportunities can be efficiently managed.

Pipeline Operations for Odoo CRM

The Pipeline pane of the Odoo CRM module, shown in the Kanban view, outlines the many lead phases. Custom stages can be defined as necessary and the CRM dashboard’s color indicators and definitions on each lead give insight into whether leads are blocked or ready for the next step. Filtering and grouping capabilities aid in sorting out necessary leads for operation, and priority-based SAR indications ensure each lead is managed according to specified priority.

Sales Teams and Salespeople

With Odoo, sales teams can be designed for operations and individuals can be assigned to each team. Leads generated by the Odoo CRM can be assigned to individual sales teams or individuals for follow-up.

Activity Planning

The Odoo CRM’s specific activity scheduling functionality can be used to handle follow-up requirements for each lead. Follow-up activities such as conferences, calls, emails, client visits, and more can be specified and all scheduled events will be listed out, allowing for selection based on availability and clients.

Lost Motives

Odoo enables you to designate leads as lost or cancelled if they occur due to any of the company’s internal or external circumstances. This helps you identify which leads were lost and provides an explanation for why they were lost. This information will help prevent future opportunities from being lost, ensuring that there is something to work on and follow up.

Superior Capabilities

With the functional tools like lead enrichment and sophisticated lead management, Odoo provides you with the ability to collect all the contact information you need for a lead simply by using the email address obtained during a marketing campaign. You can also generate leads from various sources, including emails, social media, marketing and promotional programs, website visits, in-person store visits, and many more.


Odoo’s most sophisticated feature is report generation, which is available in all operating menus and functional modules. With the custom and default filtering and group by tools in Odoo CRM, you can build reports based on leads, activities, revenue involved, and many other factors.

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