Odoo 16's new features include marketing.

Odoo makes it easier and more productive to manage the business’ marketing efforts. Odoo includes a variety of modules to help with marketing initiatives, including:

1. Email marketing, first

Provide templates so users can quickly create email marketing messages, administer email marketing campaigns, and enhance consumer email delivery.

Make effective campaigns: Without any prior knowledge of informatics, you may create email campaigns that are wildly effective and meet your expectations. Utilize software that is simple to use and intuitive to take total control over the structure and content of your emails.

Segment your database: By sending campaigns to certain target audiences in your database, you can improve your results. From your contact list, sort leads, clients, or any other group by function, date, or country. Additionally, they are all created to guarantee that you only distribute content to people you want to spread the word about this campaign to.

Compatible with every device: Ensure that your news notification emails are shown properly on any screen, whether it be a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Our dynamic content display will automatically alter the spacing and image quality to fit your client’s screen, allowing them to read the news comfortably on any device.

Get accurate real-time statistics on each email sent to help you improve your marketing. Track customer searches, orders, revenue, open rates, bounce rates, and click-through rates easily to enhance your overall marketing plan. Keep an eye on opportunities and manage projected income.

Improved capabilities, total command over every element of your mailing campaigns:

Monitor your links:With Odoo’s Online Marketing Activity Tracking tool, you can add tracking code to links in your email campaigns to get a breakdown of the performance of each campaign on a separate dashboard.

Analyze the opportunity conversion rate, anticipated income, and profit made from each campaign to determine return on investment. For a deeper study, use other filters.

2. Marketing Automation

helps you manage marketing programs and activities related to marketing program automation.

Automate processes to grow your company: To send the correct message to the right leads at the right time, segment your lead database. Create a cutting-edge marketing strategy that concentrates on your leads and effectively nurtures them through your sales funnel, round-the-clock.

Create multi-stage campaigns with some straightforward approaches, such as two-step campaigns, when designing complex customer journeys. Choose to directly trigger time on your process when you add a new activity.

Create captivating email campaigns quickly: With a simple and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you may have total control over the content and design of your emails. Without writing a single line of code, use pre-made building blocks to create stunning text, calls to action, or pictures.

automate tasks other than email: To automate operations like guiding leads into your sales funnel, allocating prospects to your sales team, updating profiles, and other duties, create an A-to-Z customer experience. To carry out particular functions once you’ve opened, clicked, or responded to an email, use if/then statements.

3. A website

creates user experiences to assist executives in understanding your clients, markets, and goods

Simple drag-and-drop of business features Create a website first, and then add functions as necessary, such as work, eCommerce, a customer portal, an event, a company blog, a call to action, a newsletter, etc.

Get a website that adapts to your brand’s guidelines and style automatically. The effectiveness of the brand is crucial to the company’s success. You may effortlessly meet your branding needs with the help of Odoo.

Tools for SEO: Our SEO tool works with Google to instantly assess the relevancy of your content. Better content and objectives will attract more visitors. Your website is already optimized by default, so you don’t need to worry about things like page speed, google calendar integration, twitter tags, page maps, and more.

Calls to action: You can easily drag and drop call-to-actions to boost your conversion rate per page. You can edit forms, add pop-ups when users leave the page, improve newsletter signups, and more. With the aid of marketing automation, assist you in taking good care of your leads, and link everything with your CRM.

Multiple websites: Odoo’s multi-site system provides a wealth of opportunities for your company to broaden its consumer base. With only a few clicks, you can rapidly grow your customer base and earnings! With its own theme, brand, domain name, header and footer headers, pages, languages, products, blog entries, forums, slides, events, online chat channels, etc., each website can function totally independently.

Track visitors: Keep tabs on people who come to and leave your website. Whether your marketing campaign uses email, external websites, or social media, you should evaluate its performance. Get instant notifications in your CRM when your leads view important pages by tracking pages with only one click. Launch online chat sessions to communicate with visitors to your website in real-time.

Email marketing: Fully integrated, from bulk mailing to email inquiry. Get statistics on your email, including click-through rates and revenue, with full accounting and sales integration. Don’t bother with third-party apps. There is no need to set up tracking configurations for messages, websites, and orders, import/export contacts, and more. The performance of the all-in-one is excellent.

4. SMS Advertising

Create and manage SMS marketing campaigns, control SMS delivery, and oversee marketing program management reports.

SMS opens the fastest and is quicker than email: Do you need to notify the kids about the event tomorrow? Do you have a limited-time, five-hour discount promotion? Decide on an SMS campaign! SMS messages arrived straight in the recipient’s pocket and are nearly certain to be opened and read within the next minute, even while the coolest email campaigns may not have been opened in many inboxes.

Plan your campaigns and let Odoo take care of the rest: All of your SMS campaigns should be prepared and dispatched later on a timetable. You don’t need to be connected to send your campaign to everyone because Odoo will take care of that for you.

Segment your audience who has been informed simply: The correct audience can be targeted based on previous purchases, abandoned shopping carts, list registrations, event attendance, manually chosen contacts, and more.

Directly sending SMS from your contact list: High open rates are beneficial for more than simply marketing campaigns. For instance, use the Odoo Contact app to select your contacts from the list and send an SMS to them if you need to contact the complete crew as soon as possible. It is simple, isn’t it?

5. Social Marketing

centralized control over social networking site messages, comments, and media content… aid in increasing sales opportunities

Social:Plan, track, and evaluate all of your accounts in one location, attract new clients, and keep existing clients.

Participating in social media boosts engagement, establishes relationships with clients, and generates more leads and sales. Additionally, they can benefit customers and aid in the distribution of crucial company publications and announcements.

Reach your audience anywhere on the Internet withpush notifications.

Push notifications will immediately catch the user’s attention. These messages are brief and to the point, allowing readers to scan them and click if they are interested.

Live chat:Convert visitors into leads and clients into satisfied clients

According to studies, online chat can boost customer conversion rates to full-fledged clients by 40%. When interacting physically during an online chat, users typically give positive responses. Building a pleasant customer experience requires aggressively promoting opportunities for interaction with visitors.

6. Marketing-related New Features in Odoo V16

The Odoo Experience 2022 event, which takes place from October 12–14, will serve as the community’s formal introduction of Odoo v16. Marketing modules will also be updated with new features to improve efficiency and user-friendliness, much like other modules.

Let’s look at the new features that this edition with Onnet Consulting will offer:

For mail/sms templates, Odoo v16 will contain a “Reset Template” button. All fields will be cleared (subject, content, word, to, etc.)

Web Analytics will be supported in Odoo v16 by Plausible HQ. An open-source substitute for Google Analytics is plausible. Visit this link for additional information: plausible.io

You can test new emails in email marketing using Odoo v16’s pre-designed templates.

The mailing list’s common characteristics can all be changed at once in Odoo v16.

Multi-company:support for several domains and servers

support for tweets from the dashboard being retweeted and quoted

Additionally, we update this page with a number of new website features, including: https://on.net.vn/r/mlZ

The new capabilities listed above will be present in some of the marketing modules in Odoo v16. Onnet Consulting’s website will be updated frequently with the most recent information regarding Odoo v16.

Please do not hesitate to contact Wanbuffer Services if you have any questions about marketing modules in specific or Odoo solutions in general so that our professionals can assist you.

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