The value of creating content versus curating content in digital marketing

Content, they say, is king. Yes. This adage has been repeated over and over again for all of us.

The current era of using content in digital marketing places a greater tactical emphasis on attempting to expand audience size, produce new leads, increase brand awareness, and improve overall brand perception.

Content marketing helps companies achieve their objectives, according to 28% ofB2Bmarketers and 30% ofB2Cmarketers by the Content Marketing Institute.

Differentiating between content development and content curation is the problem. The process of developing your own content from scratch and promoting it to your audience is known as content creation. While content curation, a subset of social media marketing and management, is the process of gathering existing information, such as blogs or social media posts, pertinent to a given topic, and distributing it with your followers.

Three advantages of producing content for digital marketing

  1. Brand Recognition

    Your brand is reflected in your content. Your brand will have a voice thanks to the content you provide. It will outline your company’s history for prospective clients. Bop Design estimates that what and how a brand says makes about 45% of its overall image. Effective engagement is what drives the relationship with your target audience. As a result, relevance and high-quality information should be prioritized. Be imaginative in order to connect with your target audience and achieve success of your digital marketing strategy.

  2. Bring in Good Traffic

    Bringing inbound traffic to your digital marketing efforts is one of content marketing’s most important functions. Participating in the guest publishing section is one approach to draw readers’ or followers’ attention to your website or the services you offer. One guest post on a popular, reputable website with a suitable audience could bring thousands of new visitors to your website. Creating content is a very effective strategy to market your area of expertise, target market, and/or USP. For the audience to engage with your content and be more inclined to visit your website, it is therefore vital to add the appropriate call to action.

  3. How to Lead Thoughts

    We have all at some point cited influential thinkers like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson from Virgin (Tesla). These individuals have consistently raised the standard for ideas. Virgin-produced content will set you apart. As a result, it will enable you to advance towardthought leadership, where your content will do the talking.

3 Advantages of Curating Content for Digital Marketing

Establish Relationships

According to the Curate Data research, top global marketers use a nice mix of 65% original content and 25% curated material.

A solid connection with your audience can be achieved by incorporating content curation into your digital marketing strategy. Your audience is likely to comprehend it better and in a wider context if you publish pertinent material authored by influencers along with the credit information.

The information will be recognizable to your followers, making it more pertinent and relatable to your audience. Content curation removes barriers, aids in creating an engaging introduction, and fosters the development of strong online connections with influencers.

Impact Marketing

You may create go-to web resources that increase your credibility and reliability as an unbiased authority on your subject by curating content from top-notch outside sources. If you properly credit them as a consequence of content curation, the content writers will welcome you sharing portions of it on your web channels.

Learn about the Industry

The challenge of content curation is to get writers to contribute their own viewpoints on hot topics. When you share an article via a link, the game is not over. Giving credit for why you are sharing is the best way to earn the readers’ time and attention. You might even mention your own experiences or suggest alternative strategies for dealing with a similar situation.

Sharing an external link is not enough to support your content marketing plan in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Research the information you are about to share since you will need to provide it.

This will not only expand your understanding of the market, but it will also assure your audience of the power of your brand. By curating content, you may impart both your own knowledge and that of the original author. This will make it easier for your followers to comprehend the message you are trying to get across.

Examples of Content Creation and Curation in Use


Netflix utilizes original programming as a means of content creation, with popular shows such as “House of Cards” and “Making a Murderer” serving as prime examples. They also excel in content curation by acquiring outstanding works produced by other companies, such as the series “Sherlock”.

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post embodies the power of the three “Cs” – create, contribute, and curate – with a potent mix of content that contributes to its widespread popularity. As one of the best examples of a content-curated website, it combines elements of original content creation, guest blogging, and aggregating links and articles from around the web.

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