Things to Know Before Migrating to Odoo 16

Things to Know Before Migrating to Odoo 16

Odoo released version 16 of its software on October 12, 2022, which introduced several new features and enhancements to the existing ones. In addition, they made the modules faster and easier to use. Odoo migration is required to take advantage of LTS (if you are an Odoo Enterprise customer), to obtain new features, to enjoy a better and faster user experience, and for other reasons. All of these enhancements will make your Odoo operations more refined and streamlined.

The characteristics of Odoo 16

As stated in the introduction, each new version of Odoo introduces new features. And Odoo 16 featured the following capabilities:

  • The performance with the release of Odoo 16, the software’s speed and effectiveness have increased significantly. It enables operations to be more efficient and swifter.
  • They have completely redesigned Odoo’s core components to make it an indispensable tool for any business. They added functionalities and services to nearly every module to make them more user-friendly.
  • The Module for the Introduction of Knowledge enables management to create documents and exchange information. It is compatible with every other Odoo module, thereby enhancing the productivity of businesses.
  • Odoo’s accounting module now generates Intrastat reporting, VAT ID, a widget for bank reconciliation, and credit limits, among other new features. All of these factors contribute greatly to the accounting procedure’s dependability and precision.
  • Now, the Email marketing module allows for the creation of new templates based on existing ones. The global settings for the mailing list that quickly retrieve the contact’s mailing address. You can now retweet tweets for social networking and marketing purposes.
  • To provide businesses with greater convenience, they streamlined the POS, Sales, and Websites (eCommerce) modules to use merged wallets, coupons, and promotions, so that the wallet balance or coupons can be used in any of these modules.
  • The front and back ends of the Website module are now unified, allowing you to manage both from a single location. There is no requirement to switch between the front and rear ends.

All of these features and capabilities demonstrate the necessity and significance of Odoo migration services for your organization.

Why You Should Move to Odoo 16

Odoo migration is essential, particularly for enterprise customers who were utilizing Odoo 13’s LTS support. As per the updated policies of Odoo, only the three most recent versions will be supported (Odoo 16, 15, and 14). This Odoo data migration will enable them to continue receiving support and enhance their operations with the addition of new functionalities.

Upgrade from Odoo 15 to 16

With the upgrade from Odoo 15 to 16, you have access to the following Odoo migration services:

  • Regular bug fixes
  • 24/7 assistance from the Odoo team
  • Additional capabilities and features
  • Odoo functional support
  • Updates and upgrades to the most recent or desired version

Nonetheless, if you are unsure as to why you require Odoo data migration, the following points will help you comprehend.

  • According to the updated Odoo policies, the older version (Odoo 13) will no longer receive extended support (its support will end if you do not upgrade to a newer version).
  • The older version becomes slower and less effective over time, diminishing its usefulness and significance.
  • The newer version of Odoo is more cost-effective than your current version. Additionally, it has more features than the current one.
  • The newer version offers more features that facilitate business operations and management.

Notes to Remember prior to Odoo Migration increased from 15 to 16.

Make a Data Backup

Before beginning any Odoo migration services or processes, you must create a backup of all your critical data to ensure its safety. This Odoo backup will allow you to safeguard all essential data in the event that files become corrupted during migration. If you lack a data backup module, you can use Odoo Database Backup to migrate your Odoo database.

Analyze the Adaptations

If you are utilizing third-party services or modules, you must assess the level of customization and the amount of work involved. Among the customizations, you must determine if the specified feature or module is now the default. If so, will it offer the same functionality, or do modifications need to be made? Additionally, you must list the number of such customizations in one location.

Identify your Requirement

Identifying and specifying your needs is a crucial step. It implies that you must determine why you are migrating, your needs, how much you are willing to spend on migration (estimate), whether now is the right time to migrate, etc.

Database Compare Schema

You must inspect the database schema prior to migrating to Odoo. Before upgrading, you must compare it to the new schema and make any necessary changes if it has been modified.

Manual Interference

If you have modified or updated your database structure (added or removed tables/columns), you must manually add them to Odoo after the data migration.

Understanding the Upgrade Method

You must understand the requirements, whether you can test updates in a ‘Sandbox,’ and whether the update will be implemented by creating a test environment, etc.

Migration of Data to Odoo 16

Follow these instructions to migrate your Odoo.

Initially, planning is required. You must assess your current data and determine how to structure it following theOdoo data migration. It will provide you with an overview of the business’s requirements.

After you have planned everything, find the necessary steps for Odoo migration, such as creating a backup of your data and establishing a test environment. Verify that you have removed all corrupted and unnecessary data prior to creating a backup.

The Odoo migration services, or more precisely, the Odoo migration portion, are subsequent. Here, all data, modules, and applications are migrated from Odoo 15 to 16, and the duration of this process is entirely dependent on the size and complexity of the data.

Before deploying them to the client’s server, Odoo migration services are incomplete without proper testing. Testing determines whether all apps, data, and modules have been successfully migrated. Moreover, this is a crucial step in data migration because it determines whether any errors, crashes, or data loss occur.

Finally, after migration, verify that the process was successful and that all data is in the correct location. Now, begin the simple post-migration tasks, such as redirecting URLs from the old to the new system, updating entries, etc.

Selecting the Appropriate Odoo Partner

You’re probably wondering why you’d need an Odoo partner, right? You understand how to migrate your Odoo, but can you do it on your own? You need someone with technical knowledge of the Odoo migration process and requirements. And who would be superior besides an Odoo Partner?

A partner of Odoo who is familiar with both technical and non-technical requirements is working on and comprehends the Odoo migration process.

Consider the following characteristics when deciding on an Odoo partner:

    • Experience

Find the best Odoo implementation partner for your migration project by searching for Odoo developers. Verify their portfolio, client testimonials, skills, and Odoo-related work experience. All of these will help you determine what you need and are seeking in an Odoo partner.

    • Competence and Abilities

Evaluate the Odoo partner’s technological and communicative proficiency. Also ensure that they can work on your terms or have an option that meets your needs. Discussing everything beforehand will help you make the right decision and select the best migration partner.

    • Examine the Odoo Partner

As stated previously, you must gather as much information as possible about the Odoo partner. Examine their success rate, ratings and reviews, portfolio, and client recommendations. All of these will help you determine what the company has done for clients and if they are the best option for providing Odoo migration services.

    • Support Duration and Extra Services

The majority of Odoo partners offer support and training services, allowing you to comprehend the process and operate the software quickly and efficiently. In addition, once the migration is complete, you and your team must study and comprehend the Odoo work flow and changes.

    • Employing an Odoo Partner

Opt for an Odoo partner if you need migration services, as they have a trained and experienced staff that constantly works with Odoo and solves client issues. These partners possess source codes for the enterprise edition. Consequently, they can escalate multiple Odoo issues immediately.


The Odoo migration process is not as straightforward as it may appear; you require professional assistance, direction, counselling, and training to comprehend software updates. In addition, you cannot migrate the software on your own; an Odoo Partner must assist you with Odoo data migration. They will assist you in comprehending the procedure, as well as inform you of the process requirements and the correct part to migrate your Odoo.

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