Utilize the Odoo CRM Apps to Effectively Manage Your Customer Relations

Odooprovides a lot of distinctive features when compared to other CRM programs like Salesforce, Zoho, and SugarCRM. If we compare Odoo to “Salesforce,” features like price lists, quotation templates, eSignatures, online payments, invoices, customer portals, shipper integration, lead tracking, social network integration, etc. give it an advantage.

If Zoho is included, the list is changed to include items like drag-and-drop management, pricelists, quotation templates, next actions, multiple firms per contract, and pipeline management. Among all of these CRMs, Odoo’s user interface is without a doubt the simplest and most approachable.

The Top 5 Paid Odoo CRM Apps

1 CRM Dashboard

With the help of this module, people can easily keep track of the status of their own or their company’s leads, opportunities, quotations, sales orders, and bills. If we log in as an ADMIN, this dashboard provides a detailed description of every user. Only one user’s CRM dashboard is visible to other users. Users can access more tools that help us find My Leads, create new leads, and change the color by providing more information.

2 Dynamic Fields in CRM

Without development, create custom fields for CRM forms in minutes as opposed to hours. a security group that protects. As a result, only authorized users can add new fields to the system.


  • No technological expertise is necessary.
  • Tags, Checkboxes, Selection, Radio, Time, Image, Email, URL, and more than 12 Field Widgets
  • Track changes in field values with tracking
  • Several field types are provided.
  • Tooltips on fields can be added
  • Make a field necessary or permit field duplication.
  • Simple to use

RFQ and Quotation from Opportunity

This module allows you to create a purchase order (RFQ) and a sales quotation. With just one click, create an RFQ and quotation for specific products. You can select your vendors and items, then press the RFQ button. RFQ and quotation creation options are available for the same lines.

Untapped CRM Opportunities in Odoo

Pragmatic created a customized module for Odoo to highlight untapped opportunities. The module displays opportunities whose follow-up has not been done for the specified number of days, as specified by the user in the control panel. This helps ensure that no opportunities are left unattended for an extended period of time.

Print Opportunity Report

This module facilitates printing the opportunity report in Odoo. The report is available for PDF download and printing.

The Top 5 Free Odoo CRM Apps

1. Custom CRM Fields

This app gives users who are members of the “Sales / Manager” group the ability to add new fields to the partner form without needing to include Python or modify XML. Simply open the ‘Custom Fields’ tab in any customer record, select “Add Custom Field” from the menu, and choose “Add an item”. To view the new fields under the Custom Fields tab, you must restart your browser.

2. RMA Claim (Product Return Management)

The RMA Claim module introduces a method to control product returns, enhancing the claims process. You can make and control claims with it, and it also introduces a new object: the claim lines. With this module, you can verify the warranty for each return individually, and it includes features like returns of goods, address for warranty control and returns, selecting in and out products, and access to associated client data from a claim. Using this module results in a logistic return flow that incorporates returning goods into an incoming shipment and allows for delivery of a replacement item.

The RMA Claim module also includes new features like a priority field in the claim line and priority grouping in the claim line, determined based on the claim date and the current date.

3. Resources for Calendars

To make resource management during meetings easier, this module includes new features:

  • Go to Calendar => Click on a meeting => Edit => Edit => add any relevant resources to the meeting.
  • Go to Calendar => Resources => Resources to change or add resources.

Additionally, this module can avoid double booking of resources. Go to a resource and toggleAllow Double Bookingon or off (this is disabled by default). It should be noted that using the same resource for a meeting that finishes at 5 p.m. and one that begins at 5 p.m. on the same day would not be seen as double-booking.

Resources can only be used for specific calendar kinds. Edit theEvent Typesfield in the Resources form view. The resource can subsequently be included in only those kinds of events.

When resources are unavailable due to being on leave or attending an event that falls outside of their regular working hours, such resources cannot be added to events.

If you have an event set to All day, an error won’t be reported unless there are no working hours on one or more of the event’s days. For instance, if you configure an event to run all day on a Saturday but that resource has no working hours at all that day, an error will be triggered. However, regardless of how long or short a working time interval is on a Saturday, if there is at least one for that resource, the day will be seen as being covered by that working time. If the event is not all-day, an error will be triggered each time the resource is unavailable during the event, regardless of the time of day.

Set the resource’s Working Time field to blank in the resource form view to halt working time and leave validations when adding the resource to an event.

4. CRM Kanban Drag Back Authorization

Some users are prohibited from moving leads backward in the sales pipeline by this module. Some users are restricted from moving leads backward in the sales pipeline. enables leads to be approved by the administrator or team leader.

5. Department categorization in CRM

Add the Sales Team department along with the relevant Lead & Opportunities field, search form associated filter, and button.

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