Which Should You Choose for Your Manufacturing: Odoo Community vs. Odoo Enterprise?

General Differences Between Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

In plain English, Odoo Enterprise is the Odoo community that has been enhanced with extra features and functionalities that are purchased to support business goals. Let’s take a closer look at the variations between the Odoo Community and Enterprise editions.

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Community Overview for Odoo

If you want to start with linking your business to ERP or Odoo particularly, Odoo Community is an excellent place to start. Basic production procedures like managing orders, avoiding piles of paperwork, and scheduling product availability can be supported by the system. It does not, however, have assistance from Odoo itself, therefore you will need to locate a skilled, committed team to assist you and lead you through the implementation process.

Odoo Community includes:

open-source (free of charge), without a licensing fee, with constrained capabilities and functionality

Do you want to create an eCommerce site that integrates with your stock? You can surely complete this task using the capability that Community offers.

Do you wish to track all orders for a straightforward, small-scale manufacturing process? You can still complete this task using the capabilities that Community offers.

Do you want an HR system to keep tabs on every employee’s vacation time, sick days, and attendance records? Additionally, Community can be beneficial to you in this area.

Overview of Odoo Enterprise

What is Odoo Enterprise? With a licensing fee and limitless functionality, a licensed and paid edition is available.

If you wish to manage complete accounting with dynamic reporting, Enterprise is the version for you to choose when it comes to functionality. Additionally, only the Enterprise version of Odoo ERP has the ability to manage and compute payroll. Additionally, it creates payroll-related journal entries automatically. You should also go with Enterprise if your production process has numerous processes and work locations.

As a result, the Community’s younger sibling offers the following 4 key advantages:

  • Newer features still
  • Annual improvements
  • Bug fixes and internal assistance
  • Hosting (Odoo online or Odoo.sh)

Additionally, both the mobile and desktop versions ofOdoo Enterprise vs. Communityhave a more appealing and user-friendly layout. With a barcode application, you can also automate this warehouse activity. You can always access the most recent features and applications with Odoo enterprise for improved automation, performance, and security.

Pro Tip: If you want to get a FREE Odoo upgrade, bug fixing, and support available exclusively for the basic code, DO NOT utilize any customization or third-party modules from the Odoo store. If you acquire upgrades or maintenance services, you must do it directly from the original provider or with their assistance.


To assist users in automating and managing manufacturing processes, the Community version merely provides the most fundamental features:

  • Sales
  • Stock
  • Accounting
  • Production
  • Websites
  • Points of sale

You can take advantage of all the aforementioned features as well as:

  • Unlimited bug fixes are guaranteed, and unlimited features are available.

The Community edition is a suitable alternative if your firm is just getting started and growing, and you want to get to know Odoo. Processes will, however, move more quickly with the Enterprise option because of its improved, extended, and built-in capabilities.

Do I actually require a long list of features?

Yes, since… – User Interface, as an example

Consider creating an ERP for your manufacturing company and each employee. They can only access the Odoo community through the desktop version. On the other hand, they may utilize their accounts with Odoo Enterprise on desktop and mobile (Android, iOS) versions, which is much more practical.

Yes, since… – Website, as an example

Consider creating and designing a website for your goods or services. The ability to create blogs, forums, and conversations is present in both versions. To expand your target audience and sell on foreign marketplaces, Amazon and eBay connectivity facilities are only available in the Enterprise version.

Yes, since… – Operation as an example

Accounting, quality, check, and help desk features for operations are only available to Enterprise users. Only fundamental functions like project folders, maintenance, and buying options are available to community users. You should have a comprehensive range of operations with a middle-size and large-size manufacturing to manage your firm more successfully.


Considering all of the variations between the Odoo Community and Enterprise editions, we don’t think there is a single, correct answer as to which version is preferable for your company or industry.

Always evaluate your own requirements for the features, programs, and procedures that need to be supported.

You must be aware of the capabilities and trends of your internal team as well as the company’s IT strategy.

You must take into account whether the system’s goal will alter in six months or a year.

Regardless of your decision, it is always advised to have a solid and dependable outsourcing development team that is familiar with the differences between Odoo Community and Enterprise. Even if you start with Odoo Community, upgrading to Odoo Enterprise later is simple and just requires the installation of one more module.

If that’s what you’re after, we’d be happy to introduce our services to solve all of your challenges and problems.Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation to learn how each Odoo version might enhance your specific company.

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