Why Develop Mobile Apps Using React Native?

Produce Mobile Apps That Cannot Be Honored as Apps

Your company may produce genuine mobile operations with React Native that are original to those created in ideal- C or Java. Using the exact same UI Components as iOS and Android, Reply Native simply integrates these UI Components using JavaScript and React. Reply Native produces aesthetically pleasing and responsive operations.

Gests With Top-Notch Apps on Android and iOS

React Native enables inventors to produce top-notch operation gests for both Android and iOS platforms in your company using a flawless experience in just Js and Reply. In a word, Reply Native uses the JavaScript machine erected into the mobile terrain to run Js there.

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With the help of React Native, inventors may partake operation sense between two platforms, reusing roughly 70 of the law between Android and iOS. It’s pivotal to note that social media mammoth Facebook said that its announcement director program uses 87 of the same law across the two platforms.

Original Module

To take use of platform-specific APIs, your inventor can fluently and snappily write platform-specific law for many modules in your operation at formerly by developing a native module, or a ground between your JS law and host platform. Reply Native makes it possible to do this. Writing a native module is really simple. Facebook has unequivocally verified this, in fact.

Multi-Platform Support

There’s no need to pick between iOS and Android thanks to React Native. This is so that your inventor can maintain a single codebase across both platforms. Your operation inventor can use the same codebase as a consequence, saving time over erecting resemblant Java and Swift codebases. Plainly, Reply Native minimizes cross-compatibility problems and improves stoner experience.

Experience a Many Webs operations

Still, you should probe online operations, if you want to see how native speakers actually reply. It enables mobile app inventors to exercise the law from web apps created using React Native. As a result, companies that have developed web operations can produce mobile apps using the frontal end of their websites.

Establish the Conditions for Different Platforms

Cross-platform software developers face a number of challenges relating to hardware, operating systems, coding languages, and other aspects. React Native performs in-depth testing to make sure the features you want to create for a range of devices work properly on every OS.

Avoid Platform Porting

React Native enables an app to be easily deployed into iOS in a matter of weeks despite the fact that the interfaces of Android and iOS differ. It has drastically sped up conversion times and made it easier for companies and developers to make the most of hardware.

What Are the Benefits of Using React Native for Web Development?

When starting a new project, one of the most important considerations you will need to make is which development stack to use. You must select the platform on which the vast majority of your customers are active. But the platform shouldn’t be overly constrained.

If your program grows in the future, you will need to communicate with users on a completely other platform. Your original stack should therefore be flexible enough to accommodate these growth needs.

Another solid justification for using React Native is its support for the web, which enables developers to access its components and APIs. This changes the game in the rivalry between mobile-first frameworks given that React Native is one of the most popular frameworks for building cross-platform mobile apps.

Every framework that aims to fill this gap operates on the fundamental tenet of using one platform’s APIs to produce an alternative to another platform’s APIs. React Native for Web succeeds in doing that.

React Native for Web provides browser-compatible variations of React Native components. A browser-compatible “View” is provided by React Native for Web, which offers a method to reduce this view to a web “div.” Additionally, this is utilized in React Native mobile to render views.

However, this raises a big concern. It is not always possible to make native components browser-friendly. Some components designed for mobile use mobile hardware APIs that are not immediately accessible by web browsers.

This suggests that utilizing React Native for Web, your developer cannot completely port a program to the web. They can, however, port the majority of it, and frequently that is plenty.

Styling is another difference between React and React Native. React has a wide range of styling options, including CSS, Sass, CSS-in-JS, etc. React Native, in contrast, generates all styles using CSS-in-JS.

The CSS-in-JS approach is used by both React Native and React Native for Web. In really, this is hardly shocking. This ensures that the same set of styles renders correctly on both the web and mobile devices.

React Native’s Best Backend Services

The backend services function as a platform to streamline the process of creating applications from the backend. Many businesses provide backendapplication developmentservices and offer some independent features to facilitate the creation of web apps. The top three backend services are AWS Amplify, Firebase, and Back4App, which are listed below.

Best Backend Services for AWS Amplify React Native

It is an Amazon backend platform that provides a large selection of open-source libraries that aid in the construction of scalable applications. It is very compatible with web, Android,iOS, andReact Nativeapplications.


Google owns Firebase, which provides cloud services to enhance an application’s backend. Additionally, it offers a variety of helpful tools for creating React Native applications.


One of the most well-known backend service providers, Back4App has excellent compatibility with many different technology stacks for dependable application development.

Cross-platform React Native Applications: Making Money for Developers and Entrepreneurs with Pre-Built Components

Cross-platform mobile app development is based on the premise that produced code may be reused for both Android and iOS apps. React Native uses the exact same method. It adheres to the principle of “write once, publish everywhere.”

This makes it easier for your engineers. They are not required to produce distinctive designs for various platforms. Additionally, you can construct a mobile app using a large portion of the code from your company’s existing online application.


The increased cost-effectiveness of React Native development is an additional advantage. This is because, as was said above, programmers may use the same code to create apps for both iOS and Android.

It means you won’t need to hire separate iOS and Android development teams; a single team will be adequate to finish your project. The cost of developing a React Native app is much lower than developing a similar app in another programming language that doesn’t offer cross-platform development.

Why Startups Should Use React Native: A Quick Route to Success in 2023

Developing an app separately for Android and iOS can undoubtedly be expensive for your business. Because the two languages are different, such projects will require the engagement of two distinct developers. You would eventually need to contact distinct developers.

However, as shown above, it is possible to make a React Native application accessible on both the iOS and Android platforms. The distinctive abilities and features that React Native brings to the table solely are advantageous to every business.

In fact, phrases like “React Native for retail,” “React Native for healthcare,” “React Native for automotive,” etc. are among the most commonly searched topics on Google.

However, rather than attempting to determine how React Native can benefit your business, it is advised that you look into the capabilities that are essential in your app so that it will naturally fulfil your needs. Once you’ve sorted it out, you must next contact your preferred React Native developer.

React Native is the best platform to turn your vision into reality if you have a fresh idea for your next-generation company.

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05 Case Studies of Successful React Native Businesses

Moving further, if you are still unsure about the benefits of using React Native for app development, it is time to investigate the most well-known React Native applications that have been utilized by well-known international brands. The applications using React Native are listed below.

    • Facebook

The fact that Facebook is one of the most well-known React Native applications should not come as a surprise given that the company created the programming language and was instrumental in its development.

Facebook’s attempt to broaden the advantages of online development led to the creation of React Native. These changes included quick iterations and the formation of a single product development team for mobile apps. The business used it to create its own iOS and Android Ads Manager apps, which were both created by the same development team.

    • Skype

Skype is a fantastic example of a React Native mobile app. React Native would be used to build a brand-new app, Skype publicly stated in 2017. The previous version had certain issues. Thus, the consumers were really excited about this.

The new app has undergone a complete makeover, from the iconography to the new messaging structure, which now features three conversation sections: locate, chat, and capture. React Native was chosen by Microsoft (the company that controls Skype) to be used for both the desktop and mobile applications of the platform.

    • Instagram

Instagram decided to integrate React Native into its current native application starting with the Push notification view, which was formerly the WebView.

Fortunately, the user interface could work quite well without the navigation infrastructure, so it wasn’t necessary to build it. By implementing React Native, product teams were able to boost developer velocity by 85 to 99 percent.


Based on the information presented above, it is clear that React Native is an excellent choice for businesses looking to enter the digital platform and take advantage of the growing mobile market. At Wan Buffer Services, we specialize inReact Native developmentand can help bring your business to the forefront of the mobile world. Contact us to hire our expert React Native developers and start building your enterprise-grade solution today.

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