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Do you want to create an on-demand taxi booking app? Taxi app developers and engineers at Our Trusted Alliance Company assist in taking your ride-hailing business to the top.

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Create On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Are you looking to create your own taxi booking app? With our customized Uber-like taxi app development solutions, you may become a leader in the ride-hailing business. Our on-demand custom taxi applications are pre-loaded with solid features and edge technologies to provide you with a competitive advantage. Furthermore, our vetted, qualified staff of Taxi App developers is well-versed in providing completely functional, user-friendly Taxi-Booking app development services.

We give the best-in-class customized readymade Taxi app solutions to launch your Cab/Taxi Booking business anywhere in the world instantaneously as a top Taxi Booking App Development Company.

Build A Taxi Booking App

Automation Can Help You Manage Your Taxi Booking App

We design custom Taxi booking apps using cutting-edge technologies and trendy features to help you grow your business while automating processes.

Taxi Booking App Management
Ride Sharing

Ride-Hailing Services

Increase the ROI of your taxi-hailing business by providing your passengers with low-cost ride sharing options.

Multiple Payments

Payments in Multiples

Integrate different payment gateways, such as wallets, cards, and online banking. Allow your passengers to pay conveniently and facilitate cash inflow.

GPS Tracking

GPS Monitoring

To improve safety, track the location of your taxis and cabs in real time. Allow users to track the arrival of the cab at their location.

SOS Button

The SOS Button

With SOS for emergency help and assistance, you can ensure safe and secure transportation for your passengers and drivers.

Prefer developing your Custom Taxi Booking App with Advanced Features?

Taxi-On-Demand Business Models

We provide all-inclusive Taxi-booking App development services for all types of Cab Booking App business models, backed by years of experience. Our taxi mobile app development solution is both technologically innovative and commercially viable.

Taxi / private-hire business

Increase your fleet of independent limos, minicabs, or traditional taxis to get more rides and higher commissions.

Carpooling and Rentals

Car sharing and renting are becoming popular. More riders will register if you run such programs developed as solutions.


Every company has its own set of criteria. If you are a startup or an enterprise company.

Experience Our Taxi-Booking App !

The global income from online taxi services is predicted to reach $258,384 million in 2021, with the ride-hailing and taxi market increasing from $23.42 billion in 2020 to $28.65 billion in 2021. Revenue is predicted to grow at an 11.02% annual rate (CAGR 2021-2025).

With a steady growth in demand for online Taxi-hailing services, the numbers above show the profitability of investing in a Taxi-booking firm. More users are drawn in by enhanced features and the ease of ordering a Taxi online.

With our white-labeled Taxi-booking app solutions, you may launch your own taxi-booking app similar to Uber, Ola, or Didi. We are a leading on-demand taxi app development company in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, and we can help you turn your app idea into a full-fledged online taxi service. We have years of experience and technological expertise in providing end-to-end taxi app development services throughout the world.


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On Demand Transportation Apps

On Demand Taxi App Development Perks

As a premier taxi booking app development firm in India, we endeavor to meet all of our customers' needs. As a result, we create and deploy feature-rich online taxi booking app solutions to ensure their trip is safe and convenient.

App for Passengers

Users of the Passenger app may search, book, and schedule cabs from anywhere.

Passenger App
  1. Registration

    Users can instantly register or sign up for the Taxi Booking App.

  2. Request for a Ride

    Customers can use the Taxi Booking app to request or book a ride.

  3. Scheduling of Rides

    Users may also arrange the ride for a later day or time.

  4. Notifications through Push

    The app displays notifications for all major events such as ride booking, confirmation, cancellation, offers, discounts, and so on.

  5. Ride Tracking in Real Time

    Users may track the cab's real-time location to find out where the driver is and how long it will take to get to their destination.

  6. in-App Purchases

    The Taxi Booking app accepts online payments directly from within the app.

  7. Reviews and Ratings

    The app allows users to provide feedback and ratings on their specific ride experience.

  8. Cancel Reservation

    In the event of an emergency, users have the option to cancel their ride.

App for Drivers

The driver application allows drivers to accept or decline taxi booking requests as well as track their earnings.

  1. Signup/Register

    Drivers can create profiles and sign up for and login to the app.

  2. Accept or decline the ride

    Any customer's transportation request might be accepted or rejected by the drivers.

  3. Set Ride Request Availability

    Drivers can indicate whether they are available to accept a ride request or not.

  4. Navigation and GPS

    Drivers can use GPS to track real-time customer positions and acquire route directions on maps.

  5. Reviews and Ratings

    Drivers can also rank and provide feedback on any problematic customers.

  6. Ride Synopsis

    Drivers can view a daily summary of their customer ride bookings, confirmations, and cancellations.

  7. Notifications through Push

    Drivers are notified of ride requests, cancellations, ride ends, payments, and so on.

Admin Console

Admin Console

The single dashboard assists taxi owners in managing clients, drivers, and cabs.

Passenger Details
  1. Passenger Specifics

    Customers' information, ride requests, confirmations, and cancellations are all displayed on the dashboard.

  2. Driver Information

    Manage all of the drivers' information, including their names, licenses, and other documentation.

  3. Notifications should be sent.

    The admin sends out alerts for ride requests, confirmations, cancellations, offers, and discounts, among other things.

  4. Control Reports

    The Admin creates and manages ride and passenger reports.

  5. Make Discounts and Offers

    The Admin develops and administers discounts and offers on a regular basis.

  6. Control Cabs

    The admin dashboard keeps track of all the cabs' details, such as maintenance dates.

  7. Tracking in Real Time

    The Admin can view the current position of all drivers, passengers, and cabs.

  8. Prices are fixed.

    The Admin has the ability to set and change the ride rates and discounts.

Look at the eye-catching designs of our taxi booking apps.


Frequently Asked Questions

With over 8 years of industry experience, we have a thorough understanding of taxi booking app development. Wan Buffer's skilled on-demand app programmers are well-versed in the current technological advancements and keep them up to date. Taxi Booking Applications of excellent quality will be supplied on time.

We would love it if you could share specifics about your company plan, features you wish to include, competition, target audience, and deadline. The more information you provide, the lower the likelihood of alterations and modifications. As a result, it will help you save money, time, and effort.

The taxi booking app's tech stack will differ depending on the app's complexity, functionality, third-party integration, and so on. Our technology stack is as follows:

  • Front-end development tools include Angular and ReactJS.
  • Node.js and PHP are used for back-end development.
  • Java for Android, Swift for iOS
  • Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe are the payment methods available.
  • Push notifications are provided by and Twilio.
  • Twilio provides in-app calls and messaging.
  • Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure are examples of cloud environments.

Of course, yes. We can create an online cab booking app similar to Uber, Ola, and others. Tell us about your needs, and we'll create a personalized taxi booking app for you.

The custom taxi booking app can benefit a variety of stakeholders, including:

  • Passengers
  • Drivers
  • Owners of Taxi Companies
  • Aggregators of Taxi Businesses