From Odoo 16 to Odoo 17: What to Expect in Terms of Modules and Features?

Odoo 16 comes with a wide range of modules covering various business needs, including accounting, CRM, inventory, manufacturing, and more. Here are some of the core modules available in Odoo 16:


This module includes features such as invoicing, accounting, bank synchronization, and payment processing.


This module helps manage customer interactions, sales, and marketing campaigns.


This module manages stock levels, delivery orders, and warehouse operations.


This module includes features for production planning, work orders, and bills of materials.


This module manages purchase orders, supplier invoices, and vendor management.

Expected Modules in Odoo 17

While Odoo has not yet officially released the full list of modules for Odoo 17, there are some features that are expected to be included based on Odoo’s roadmap and user requests. Here are some of the expected modules in Odoo 17:

1. Quality Control

This module is expected to include features such as product testing, quality control checks, and batch tracking.

2. Field Service Management

This module is expected to include features such as dispatching, scheduling, and tracking of field service personnel.

3. eCommerce

This module is expected to receive improvements such as performance enhancements, improved product catalog management, and integration with third-party platforms.

4. Marketing Automation

This module is expected to include features such as lead nurturing, email campaigns, and social media integration.

5. Helpdesk

This module is expected to include features such as ticket management, knowledge base, and customer self-service portal.


While we don’t have the full list of modules for Odoo 17 yet, the expected modules show that Odoo is continuing to expand its offerings to meet the needs of businesses across various industries. From quality control to field service management, marketing automation to helpdesk support, businesses can expect to find new modules and features in Odoo 17 that can help them streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

If you’re considering implementing Odoo in your business, it’s essential to work with an experienced implementation partner who can help you determine which modules and features are best suited to your specific business needs. At our agency, we provide a range of Odoo implementation and customization services to help businesses get the most out of this powerful ERP system. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your business processes with Odoo 17.

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