Odoo Human Resource Management

Strategize • Engineer • Produce

Effectively manage your manufacturing unit's production from planning to inventory deployment. The dedicated manufacturing module and associated modules help manage product production operations. You can plan manufacturing operations with advanced external or third-party tools of operation.

Transforming Manufacturing Process




Planning the product

Quality control

Notifications and worksheets


Control points


Managing scraps

Work centers

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Effectiveness of equipment

Workcenter Workcenter

An outline of the manufacturing work center operations.

Classification of work centers

Reports on work center

Organise work orders

Effectiveness of equipment

Planning Operations

Plan your manufacturing and production operations for maximum efficiency.

Production schedule window

Planning specific to work-center

Planning based on production

Scheduler option

What Does Mrp Mean In Odoo?
Is Odoo A Good Fit For The Manufacturing Industry?

Odoo MRP is a production industry specific tool for material requirements and planning. Odoo Manufacturing is the best tool on the market today because of its dedicated production tools.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Assess the engineering aspects of your operations
  • Include a list of materials with drawings
  • Workshop on operations
  • Management of by-products
  • Module for storing engineering drawings in a document database
Dedicated module for Maintenance

Maintain your manufacturing equipment as well as company equipment with a dedicated maintenance management module.

  • Carry out preventative & predictive maintenance
  • Planned operations for maintenance
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance request creation
Specific Reporting

One of the most advanced capabilities of Odoo is report generation, and for manufacturing operations, you will be able to generate dedicated analytical reports on each of the operations.

  • Order report manufacturing
  • Reporting work orders
  • Equipment effectiveness report
Tools for scheduling & management

You can now refer your friends & family to your company thanks to a dedicated referral module.

  • Creation and management of work orders
  • Scheduling maintenance
  • Organization of work orders and work centers
Modernized operations through quality management

With a dedicated quality management module, you can improve your product quality management operations.

  • Quality control points that have been carefully crafted
  • Tailored quality checks and alerts
  • Creation of quality teams

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