What are the benefits of Odoo over Netsuite?

Both Netsuite and Odoo are ERP systems that can be run on the web. For those who prefer to work on their own, Odoo offers on-premise hosting. Both Netsuite and Odoo ERP have similar features, but Odoo ERP appears to have an edge over the other. Odoo, on the other hand, has a much wider range of customizability and can adapt to any type of business.

In comparison to Odoo's HR management, Netsuite's HR management is severely lacking in advanced capabilities. On the other hand, Netsuite does not have the same level of control over operations as Odoo. While Netsuite has a built-in module that provides a degree of flexibility, it doesn't override Odoo's adaptability and customizability. Compared to Netsuite, which only has 30,000+ users, Odoo has more than seven million users, which is higher than the background and success rate of Netsuite.



Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution that caters to mid-sized to large corporations. Netsuite's business management products include the following:

  • NetSuite ERP for inventory, supply chain, and financial management
  • NetSuite CRM for sales and marketing
  • NetSuite commerce for web and on-site sales
  • Project management using NetSuite PSA

The flexibility of the ERP is enhanced by the purchase of each product separately. The OneWorld platform from NetSuite combines all of the above products with multinational company management features, such as handling company branches, multi-currencies, multi-accounting standards, tax specifications, and so on. In addition, SuiteApp for Netsuite offers more than 300 applications to meet the diverse needs of its users. The number of people using the app is only around 30,000.

Odoo Enterprise

Open-source ERP Odoo comes in two options, the community version, which is free but has fewer features and cannot be customised, and the commercial version, which can be cutsomised to a great extent. The community edition is appropriate for companies with a small number of users. The enterprise edition, on the other hand, is loaded with features and can be customised to operate in accordance with the needs of the company. Nevertheless, a licence fee must be paid, and the price is influenced by the Odoo pricing variables. In addition, the platform can be hosted online on Odoo, Odoo Sh, or on-premise. Furthermore, the Odoo website offers both free and paid add-ons for the platform, which can be downloaded for additional application-specific features.


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